About Beaver Creek Vineyards

By Lisa Rowlands

From the moment Czech born Martin Pohl and his partners acquired Horne Ranch - a beautiful, green wilderness just north of the Napa County boundary - wheels were set in motion to convert the existing vineyards to organic and biodynamic practices. The philosophy was - and remains - one of respect for the land and a sense of duty to protect it for future generations. The ranch is now home to a walnut orchard and a number of animals, insects and fruit gardens that each contribute to the uniqueness of the terroir and the wines that are produced here.

Surrounded by high peaks at an elevation of approximately three-hundred metres above sea level, Horne Ranch is the ideal home for Beaver Creek’s vision of sustainable viticulture and environmental stewardship. The fruit here enjoys the acclaimed clean air of Lake County and its associated benefit of enhanced UV exposure, hence the grapes develop thick skins, greater tannins and intense flavours. Rich, volcanic soils and mountain valley loam, vitalised by natural composting, support strong, healthy vines that are more resistant to disease.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the darling of Beaver Creek. The Bordeaux variety finds its perfect terroir here, producing unique expressions of the earth and elements in complex, structured wines that are both approachable in youth but also age-worthy. Petite Sirah and Sauvignon Blanc are also grown at Horne Ranch, delivering pure, hand crafted wines of distinction. Other varieties are sourced from certified organic / biodynamic vineyards across the counties of Lake and Sonoma, including Zinfandel from Devil’s Kitchen vineyards on Mount Konocti and Merlot from Rose Ranch in the Sonoma Valley AVA.