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Heartlands of Nebbiolo

Barolo DOCG

Barolo is a traditional winemaking district in the Italian region of Piedmont. One of the country’s most famous DOCGs, the area is renowned for producing exceptionally complex, fragrant wines from the Nebbiolo grape variety.

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Barbaresco DOCG

Barbaresco is one of the great red wines of Italy, produced in Piedmont from the late ripening, thick skinned and totally captivating Nebbiolo grape, these wines can age and improve for decades.

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Valtellina Superiore DOCG

Valtellina Superiore is one of the great red wines of northern Italy, produced with 100% Nebbiolo, or Chiavennasca as it is known locally, it is known for its ability to give wines of finesse, elegance and cool mountain fruit.

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Gattinara DOCG

Gattinara DOCG is one of Alto Piemonte’s Nebbiolo based reds. Here the variety is known as Spanna.

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Bordeaux's Right Bank

Saint-Émilion AOC

Half an hour east of the city of Bordeaux lies Saint-Émilion, the charming medieval village from which the famous wine appellation takes its name. The complex geological make-up and superb microclimate of the Saint-Émilion area delivers some of the Bordeaux region’s most exquisite wines.

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Pomerol AOC

Pomerol is a red wine appellation in the Bordeaux region of France. Distinguished from neighbouring Saint-Émilion in 1923, it gained AOC status thirteen years later and is now regarded as one of the region’s most prestigious labels.

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Fronsac AOC

Fronsac AOC is a red wine appellation in the Bordeaux region of France. Somewhat overshadowed by the internationally acclaimed Châteaux of Saint-Émilion and Pomerol, the estates of Fronsac produce well-balanced, fruit-forward blends, which offer affordable alternatives to the expensive wines of the neighbouring appellations.

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Canon Fronsac AOC

Canon Fronsac is a Merlot dominant red wine appellation on Bordeaux’s right bank.

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Discover Orvieto

Orvieto DOC

Orvieto is arguably the most famous wine in Umbria. Known predominantly as an inexpensive white wine from the Grechetto di Orvieto.

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Grechetto di Orvieto

Grechetto di Orvieto is a white grape variety found in Umbria.


Procanico is a white grape variety grown in Umbria, particularly in the Orvieto appellation. It Is generally considered to be a local clone of Trebbiano Toscano.


Palazzone is one of the leading producers of quality wine in the Orvieto DOC appellation.

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Barberani is one of the key names in the production of organic wine in Orvieto DOC. Located in the hills, above the lake of Corbara, the estate boasts 55 hectares of vineyard planted to both local and international varieties. Here, close to bodies of water, the conditions for noble rot emerge and allow for the production of ‘Muffa Nobile’, Orvieto’s naturally sweet wine.

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Tenuta Le Velette

Tenuta Le Velette is a large sprawling estate in the Orvieto Classico area of southern Umbria. Corrado Bottai overseas around 90 hectares of vineyard given over mainly to Grechetto di Orvieto and Procanico, as well as Sauvignon Blanc and Vermentino. The winery’s cellars are cut deep into the tufa rock and provide excellent conditions for maturation.

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