By Paul Caputo

Planted throughout the Balkans, Smederevka rarely finds itself under the spotlight. Generally its high yields give wines with with only basic flavour profiles and few producers treat it as any more than something to help the bottom line through volume sales. Yet Smederevka does have one characteristic going for it. It’s light, crisp and easy to drink.

Smederevka is Macedonia’s most commonly planted white grape variety. It is grown in almost all of the wine districts in country, primarily due to its high yields and good versatility. Although there are some very drinkable examples, it is responsible for much of the cheap bulk wine that makes its way to the bottom shelves of supermarkets throughout the former Yugoslavia.

Smederevka, also known as Plovdina or more commonly Dimyat elsewhere, is believed to be of Bulgarian or Serbian origin. DNA analysis suggests a relationship with Gouais Blanc, one of the most prolific white grapes of the medieval period.