Appellations of Molise

Biferno DOC

Biferno is Molise’s most important appellation. Whites are made from Trebbiano Toscano while reds, which are most appreciated, are Montepulciano driven.

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Molise DOC

Molise DOC captures a range of varietal wine making opportunities in the region. Passito wines must be made with either Falanghina or Moscato Bianco.

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Pentro di Isernia DOC

Pentro di Isernia DOC produces white wines primarily from Falanghina and some Trebbiano Toscano, while red wines are Montepulciano driven with some Tintilia.

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Tintilia del Molise DOC

Tintilia del Molise is a DOC appellation focussing on red and rose wines from the Tintilia variety.

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