About Riley's Rows

By Lisa Rowlands

It is impossible to write about Riley’s Rows without also mentioning Flanagan Wines. The two producers are after all inextricably linked by their shared passion for practice and product, as well as by family name. Born in the year that Eric Flanagan bought his first piece of land, Riley has been at her father’s side on every step of their wine journey. As a toddler she helped plant their first vines in the volcanic soils of Bennett Valley, as a young child she shared in the excitement - and workload! - of the first harvest and as a teenager she worked in the cellar of Flanagan’s Healdsburg winery picking up priceless tips and learning important techniques of the trade from (amongst others) her now winemaker, Isabelle Mort. Growing up in the industry has undoubtedly afforded Riley a unique oenological education and a level of maturity well beyond her twenty years, serving only to strengthen her desire to produce wonderful wines and to build on her family’s firm viticultural foundations.

Drawing fruit from some of Sonoma’s most sought after vineyards, Riley’s Rows is established on the simple aims of quality, integrity and accessibility. Its enthusiastic young owner is keen to ensure that her wines represent good value for consumers, whilst never compromising on varietal character and expression of terroir.

Riley currently produces fresh, mono-varietal white wines from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, a delightful Rosé from the Syrah grape and a rich, oak aged red from Cabernet Sauvignon. She also superbly combines the qualities of Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet in the delectable ‘Three by Three’ Proprietary Blend - a well balanced, complex cuvée of intense fruit flavours and ample acidity.