About Provins

By Lisa Rowlands

Established with the aim of improving the region’s industry and increasing commercial prospects for growers, Provins started out as a small collective of Valais winemakers almost one hundred years ago. Today, the company boasts three-thousand-two-hundred members, employs in excess of eighty staff and produces wines that account for more than a fifth of the canton’s total production.

Drawing its grapes from more than eight-hundred hectares of vine, Provins prides itself on both the quality and diversity of its offering. It’s vineyards cover all corners of the canton reflecting the subtle nuances in terroir between plots, and its growers demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to their craft - consistently harvesting first-class grapes which enable Provins’ oenologists to create wines of distinction. Amongst the reds are Cornalin, Diolinoir, Humagne Rouge, Pinot Noir and Syrah. While the white list comprises twelve varieties including including Amigne, Heida, Hermitage, Petite Arvine and Sylvaner.

In total, Provins produces more than one hundred individual wines across twenty product lines. These include the high quality ‘Crus des Domaine’, ‘Grand Métral’ and ‘Mâitre de Chais (Cellar Master)’ lines as well as the celebrated subsidiary ‘Valais Mundi’ range - a set of wines developed to represent the most iconic grapes of the region and the unique terroir in which they are grown. Steep, south facing slopes given to intense sunshine, diverse soils of clay, granite, lime or shale depending on location and the warming effect of the Föhn wind, provide perfect conditions for grapes to ripen. This, coupled with the passion, innovation and expertise of the winemakers, yields a unique range of wonderfully expressive wines.