By Lisa Rowlands

A vine of medium vigour, Diolinoir tends to ripen around the same time as its parent Pinot Noir, making it a perfect match for the steep, sun-kissed slopes of alpine Switzerland. Today, almost all of the world’s Diolinoir remains within the Swiss Confederation with the Valais region the area where it is most abundant. The grape is also an authorised vine in the Aosta Valley of northern Italy.

Diolinoir remains highly regarded as a blending grape, bringing a deep ruby red colour and full-body to a number of excellent red blends. However, mono-varietal wines from this grape have also begun to receive attention and in some cases commendation and international awards. Vinified separately and increasingly aged in oak barrels, Diolinoir produces intense, well-structured wines with vivid colour and a touch of spice.