About Domaine Lepovo

By Paul Caputo

Domaine Lepovo is a new boutique winery owned exclusively by Tikveš Winery. As part of their strategy for increasing the company’s reputation for premium wine, they set about looking for additional premises and vineyards from which to launch a new brand. In 2013, when Fonko Winery ran into financial difficulty, the winery and adjacent vineyards seemed like the perfect fit.

Tikveš Winery purchased the whole estate, incorporating a small cellar property and its accompanying vineyards situated on Lepovo hill just outside the town of Negotino. The previous owners had put the business up for sale after challenging financial conditions and a series of management disagreements; Tikveš, recognising the potential of the site, stepped in.

Recognising the quality of the terroir and its geographical importance in the region, Tikveš purchased the whole estate. Not only did they plan to produce a new range of Domaine Lepovo wines here, they also intend to invest in the winery and eventually switch the production of the Bela Voda wines to Domaine Lepovo.