About Cantina Mascarello Bartolo

By Paul Caputo

Founded in 1918, Cantina Mascarello Bartolo is one of Barolo’s impressisve list of longstanding and highly respected producers. Its history can be traced all the way back to the chaotic aftermath of the first world war. With the local cantina sociale di Barolo in disarray, Giulio Mascarello decided to go alone, bottling and selling wines from his own vineyards.

The family is steeped in history. Giulio was named the first post war mayor of Barolo and with so many of the later wines featuring memorable slogans such as ‘no Barrique, no Berlusconi’, politics has arguably never left the family.

When his son Bartolo took over the business in 1982 he decided to alter the name of the business. There were two factors at play. Bartolo had built a good reputation locally. He had worked hard to build a good name for himself and his wines were in demand. He felt adding his name to the company would provide an important differentiation in a local wine scene that quite by chance already had its fair share of Mascarellos. The final straw came during the infamous methanol scandal (many producers were caught adding methanol to their wines) and a Mascarello family was implicated. Bartolo added his name to protect the company and reassure people of what they were buying.