About Brušani Winery

Brušani Winery is a young, boutique winery with a viticultural tradition stretching back more than 75 years. Orce Dimitrievski’s family has been growing grapes for three generations, when the first Stanušina vines were planted in 1938. Along with English businessman Tim Rowley, Orce has plunged himself into the challenge of reviving the tradition of winemaking following a pledge he made to his grandfather

Today Brušani Winery produces wines from Stanušina and Vranec. The vineyards are located on the hills surrounding the village of Begnishte, near Tikveš Lake, in the Tikveš Wine District, while the winery itself is located in Skopje, in the village of Sopishte.

The vineyards are planted on hill sides positioned south / west at an altitude of 400m with a total of 1.2 hectares, 0.6 hectares are planted with 75 year old Stanušina vines and 0.6 hectares of 50 years old Vranec vines.