History: The Fiano grape variety has a long and rich history in Campania, dating back to ancient times. It was once known as the “Apianum” grape, and was highly valued by the ancient Romans for its aromatic qualities and ability to produce complex, age-worthy wines. Today, Fiano is considered one of Italy’s most distinctive white grape varieties, and is prized for its complexity, minerality, and bright acidity.

Fiano has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity over the last decade, expanding beyond its historical roots in the hills between Avellino and Benevento to become a widely planted grape variety around the world. With its reputation as a serious grape capable of producing wines that are exciting in their youth and continue to impress with age, Fiano owes much of its modern success to the efforts of leading Campanian families and wineries such as Mastroberardino and Feudi di San Gregorio, who have helped elevate Fiano alongside other notable varieties like Greco and Aglianico.

Style: Fiano is a white grape variety that is primarily grown in Southern Italy, particularly in the Campania region. It is known for producing full-bodied and aromatic wines with flavors of citrus, tropical fruits, and a distinct nuttiness. The Fiano grape finds its best expression in the DOCG appellation of Fiano di Avellino due to the region’s unique volcanic soil, high altitude, and cooler temperatures. The resulting wines are complex, with notes of honey, hazelnuts, and a rich minerality.