By Paul Caputo

In many ways Transylvania is one of the world’s great undiscovered wine regions. Alongside the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, the rolling hills of the the Târnave River valley conjure reminders of Tuscany. Were this area to become a patchwork of vineyards, there would be much in it from a scenic perspective.

Situated in the mountainous centre of Romania there are only around 6500 hectares under vine - around half of which is classified as DOC vineyard. The climate is undeniably continental with very hot summers and very cold, snowy winters.

The Târnave Valley is particularly exciting for its fresh white wines. Around the areas of Blaj and Jidevi there are some respectable but largely commercial wines being made. These currently provide the best introduction to the region’s wines.

Appellations of Transylvania

Lechinţa DOC

Lechinţa DOC is a small appellation in Transylvania and produces predominantly whites wines from Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and local Romanian varieties such as Fetească Albă and Fetească Regală.

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Târnave DOC

Târnave is DOC wine in the heart of Transylvania.

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