By Paul Caputo

The Peloponnese is a fascinating region. Hot and mountainous, it feels well off the beaten path.

As you might expect with a region of this size, the soils are hugely diverse. Clay, limestone, sandstone, alluvial and some schist provide the conditions to produces interesting wines from both red and white varieties.

Nemea, in the north of the region is undoubtedly the area’s wine treasure. It’s a wine produced from the local red Agiorgitiko whose small, concentrated berries with its thick skins contributes to robust, dusty tannic red wines that demonstrate and exceptional ability to age.

Appellations of the Peloponnese

Monemvasia-Malvasia PDO

Monemvasia-Malvasia PDO was created in 2010 in recognition of Greece’s ancient tradition of high quality white wines from sun dried grapes, one of which is the indigenous Monemvasia.

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Nemea PDO

Nemea is one of the red wine areas of Greece producing age worthy reds from the Agiorgitiko grape.

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Peloponnese PGI

Peloponnese PGI is the catch all appellation for winemaking in the region. You’ll see a range of styles and grape varieties made here.

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