About Parató Cellers

By Paul Caputo

Amongst the big companies that bottle and ship large amounts of Cava, there exists a plethora of small growers and producers making Cava with a real commitment to documenting and showcasing the origins of their fruit. Parató Cellers are one such project.

During the seventeenth century, on the slopes of the Montjuïc Mountain, the Elias family cultivated their vineyards and brought the fruit back to press in their cellar in Barcelona’s neighbourhood of saints. In the sale of the resulting wine to the locals, today’s rich winemaking history at Parató was founded.

There have been modern developments of course, particularly the new winery built by Josep Elias Andreu in 1975, which was extended in 1983 and again in 2000. Today, the four siblings Josep, Montse, Esther and Jordi Elias Terns all manage ninety-three hectares of vineyard and push forward with the commitment to only produce wines from their own lands.