About Cantine del Notaio

By Paul Caputo

Cantine del Notaio are one of the leading stars of of winemaking in Basilicata and arguably across the entire south of Italy. Their flagship reds La Firma and Il Sigilo are widely accepted as some of the finest expressions of the Aglianico grape available and with the passage of time it is easy to see why.

Based in the village of Rionero-in-Vulture, the company is now enjoying the freedom of a brand new winery on the edge of the village. Prior to this, owner Gerrardo Giuraboccheti matured his wines exclusively underground in very old cellars that run under the centre of the village. These natural caves cut into the tuffo rock are cool and damp and perfect for the long term ageing of Aglianico. The caves are still used today and can also be found in neighbouring villages.

The Notaio vineyards include various plots spread out around the classic villages of the denomination. Some are in Barile and some in Venosa.