Wine Style: Pecorino is a white wine grape variety that is native to Italy and is grown primarily in the Marche and Abruzzo regions. The wine it produces is crisp, fresh, and lively, with bright citrus and green fruit flavors and a minerally finish. It is known for its high acidity and relatively low alcohol content, making it an ideal choice for a refreshing summer sipper or a pairing with light, flavorful dishes.

Recommendations: For wine lovers looking to try Pecorino for the first time, some top recommendations include:

Villa Russiz Pecorino Colli Aprutini IGT Di Majo Norante Pecorino Terre degli Osci IGP Tenuta Sant’Antonio Pecorino Colli Pescaresi Ampelography: The Pecorino grape is a medium-sized grape with a greenish-yellow color. It is a high-yielding variety and has a compact cluster structure, making it an attractive choice for vineyard growers. The skin of the grape is thick, making it resistant to disease, but also resulting in a slow maturation process.