By Paul Caputo

Saint-Julien AOC is one the key left bank appellations of Bordeaux. Structured and robust with ample perfume and deep concentrated berry fruit, it’s widely regarded as the classic claret; stylistically it captures the elegance of Margaux, the power of Pauillac and the rich black fruit of fragrance of Saint Estèphe.

It sits on two plateaus between the commune of Pauillac to the north and Margaux to the south, along the left bank of the Girdonde estuary. The soils here are fairly similar throughout Saint-Julien AOC, mainly gravelly sitting on an under bed of limestone.

Most of the wines here are 70% Cabernet Sauvignon with between 20% and 30% Merlot. Some estates will add a touch of Cabernet Franc to the blend.