By Paul Caputo

Where is Jumilla DO?

Jumilla is a small red wine produced in the Spanish region of Murcia. Situated between the Mediterranean coast and the sun-soaked plains of La Mancha, the small DO of Jumilla is blessed with a unique and interesting terroir.

How long has wine been made in Jumilla?

The cultivation of vines dates back to ancient civilisations; the Iberians took advantage of Jumilla’s favourable grape growing conditions, then the Greeks, and later the Romans. Not far away, in Hellín (Albacete), the Mundo river flows, providing a modest cooling influence. At the end of nineteenth century the expansion of Jumilla wines was due to the preservation of the area from phyloxera. This situation helped Jumilla wines to be sold at the European markets while their vineyards were recovering from phyloxera effects.

How many of Jumilla’s vineyards are pre-phylloxera?

Throughout Spain producers can articulate the use of pre-phylloxera vines with the term Pie Franco. Although it is forbidden to plant new vines with ungrafted rootstocks, there are still a number of very old vineyards left. Casa Castillo and Ego Bodegas use the term Pie Franco to indicate wines produced exclusively with pre-phylloxera vines.