By Paul Caputo

Cagliari DOC is a small wine making area located around Sardinia’s capital city Cagliari. In 2011 the DOC underwent some changes and it now incorporates the old denominations Malvasia di Cagliari, Monica di Cagliari, and Moscato di Cagliari which are no longer in use.

Varietal wines can be produced from Malvasia, Moscato and Vermentino assuming they make up a minimum of 85% of the blend. Vermentino wines with a minimum alcohol of 12% may carry the ‘Superiore’ reference. With a minimum of 12 months maturation before release, Malvasia wines may carry the ‘Riverva’ reference.

Red varietal wines can be produced from a minimum 85% Monica and with a minimum of 24 months of maturation can be labelled as a ‘Riserva’.